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ProPlan 5.0: Refinery and Petrochemical Planning software
ProPlan 5.0

Refinery and Petrochemical Planning software

Strategic planning & Production planning are key functions supported by corporate management and supply chain groups. Their critical task is to maximize profitability while ensuring quality and flexibility are maintained. ProPlan is a refinery and petrochemical planning simulator. It's an ideal strategic planning, material balance and production planning tool.

WHO could use ProPlan 5.0?

  1. Are you still using Excel or 20+ yr old software to handle production planning?
  2. Do you wish your planning technology allowed you to build intuitive flow sheets of the facility instead of data tables?
  3. Do you yearn to build rigorous non-linear models and run what-if scenarios and rapidly deploy planning models with lightning fast answers?
  4. Are you paying steep licensing and consulting prices for your LP software?
  5. Are you making planning mistakes, or missing opportunities that cost your company and your peace of mind?

If you answered YES to any of these, then ProPlan 5.0 is your solution. ProPlan provides an intuitive graphical interface with flowsheet modeling to quickly build models and assess what-if options and planning scenarios. An economic analysis together with flexible planning of products and or capacities may be conducted for the complete plant. ProPlan is OPC compliant and has interfaces to multiple crude assay management systems (CAMS), as well as spreadsheets. ProPlan is based on Microsoft .Net technology.

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ProPlan simulates plant operations by performing block-by-block calculations to determine all streams (e.g. feedstock, oils, and blended products) flowing between the various units of the plant (e.g. splitter, crude distillation unit, LPG). The simulator uses non-linear (empirical) equations to predict yields, product properties, and the consumption of utilities. Profitability is maximized employing the powerful LINDO Multistart Advanced optimizer. ProPlan determines the optimum operating conditions and allocation of components to finished products, subject to user-specified quality concerns. The objective function is to maximize the profitability of the plant.

ProPlan Major Features and Enhancements

  1. Powerful Multistart Advanced LP & NLP Optimizer
  2. Crude Assay database integration
  3. Enhanced Crude Blender and Crude Unit
  4. Enhanced Property specs and Unit Operations Library
  5. Price Import and Case Comparison integration
  6. Shadow Prices and Penalty report
  7. Larger more powerful—Products Blender
  8. Product Inventory Charts for multi-period
  9. Single period and multi-period operation
  10. Manage planned and maintenance shutdowns in multi-period planning.
  11. Library of 30+ customizable process models for refining, petrochemical and gas processing industries


Graphical User-Interface: A clean & modern graphical user-interface assists in modeling. The interface provides a convenient directory tree and means to develop flowsheets, enter data and constraints, and review the results of the simulation. The input forms are structured so that data for crude assay, streams, all blocks, and utilities may be intuitively entered.

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Crude assay integration: Develop models from a library of crudes, integrate with external 3rd party crude assay management systems (CAMS) or create your own crude within the application. Easily import and export crudes from various crude databases or custom crudes from Excel.


  • One-shot glance of the economics of the entire plant (Sales and Operation)
  • Detailed expense and revenue analysis of complete plant
  • Short term and long term planning, & process unit details
  • Product inventory charts

Process Models

ProPlan has a library of 30+ process models including most refinery, petrochemical & gas processing units. New units can be easily created using existing units as a template. This allows ProPlan the flexibility to be used for any continuous production plant. Sample process models include:

  • Refinery: Crude Distillation, Vacuum distillation, Hydrotreaters (4), Reformer, Hydrocrackers (3), Catalytic cracking, LPG, Naphtha stabilizers, Delayed coking, Amine, Sulfur recovery, Power generation, Hydrogen plant, Isomerization, Alkylation etc
  • Petrochemical: Aromatics complex, paraxylene etc
  • Gas Processing: Demethanizer, Depropanizer, Debutanizer, & LPG processing

ProPlan Applications

  • Production Planning: Short term and long term planning. Evaluate feedstock and opportunity crudes.
  • Process modeling: Build quick flow sheet models of continuous plants with equations and material balances. Add custom processes and equations as needed. Conduct feasibility analysis for new and revamp plant configurations.
  • Process Optimization. Suggest the ideal range of operation of the existing units.
  • Showcase Proprietary technology. Demonstrate impact or superiority of one technology over another.
  • Training and Learning. Promote better understanding of plant operations & economics.
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Jerry Moos, President, PetroConnections LLC
“Ingenious Inc’ ProPlan Planning software is a rigorous non-linear modeling and optimization tool. It allows the user to easily model refineries or chemical plants in an intuitive flowsheet interface. It is fully non-linear, eliminating the need for obsolete linear model (LP) structure. One creates process units as one would in a process simulator, which almost all process engineers are familiar with. This nearly eliminates the learning curve for new users, and makes it much easier and faster to learn than competing products. Solutions are robust and fast and reporting is easy and versatile.

ProPlan integrates seamlessly with ProSched, the Ingenious production scheduling solution. A single model can be used for both Planning and Scheduling. It includes a library of prebuilt process unit models using non-linear equations process engineer are familiar with. One simply drags them onto the flowsheet. They can be used as is or edited to match the details of a particular unit. ProPlan and ProSched are a new generation of software that make older legacy products obsolete”.