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Dynamic Simulation has always been an essential tool for all new and existing process plants in order to ensure properly trained operators, plant safety management procedures and safe and efficient plant operation.

ProDyn is a powerful dynamic tool. A user-friendly interface imparts the user the capability to train, learn and test the various dynamic operations of a process model. These tools are Web Enabled and OPC compliant and hence allow direct connection with DCS systems, SCADA/HMI interfaces, reactor algorithms and other third party packages.

Typical ProDyn Graphic
Typical ProDyn Graphic


  • Operator training and learning systems
  • Abnormal situation management
  • Process Troubleshooting
  • Resolving unstable operations
  • Revamp studies
  • What-if studies
  • Technology Showcasing
  • DCS/Logic testing
  • Equipment evaluation
  • Develop and test plant procedures


  • Custom dynamic simulation models
  • Standard (off-the-shelf) dynamic models
  • Training needs analysis

Performance Monitor
Performance Monitor

Cloud Deployment

This is a powerful & unique feature in ProDyn that allows the user to connect to the model as an operator from any location by simply having an Internet connection. In this scenario, operators can be trained anywhere in the world with the instructor sitting in one location and monitoring the performance of the operators. All models are based on first principles of engineering with a physical component properties database.

Real Time Trends
Real Time Trends


Dynamic Simulation (DS) simulates the process in the real-time "unsteady" state. The DS technology includes standard features such as:

  • Rigorous process simulation
  • Freeze/Unfreeze operation
  • Faster/slower than real time
  • Malfunctions
  • Trend displays in 2D and 3D
  • Trends in exportable spreadsheet format
  • Start-up and shutdown scenarios
  • Alarm management system
  • Automatic training exercises
  • Trainee performance evaluation
  • Multiple access levels
  • Exporting to third party applications
  • Direct connect with DCS/Emulators
Training Exercises
Training Exercises
Product Access

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Alan Isaachsen, Professor, Program Coordinator/Faculty, Houston Community College
"The ProDyn simulations (Powered by the KBC Petro-SIM simulation engine) used at HCC have provided excellent training and experience that is very close to an actual plant. We use the simulations for learning how to start up and shutdown a plant system, for troubleshooting, DCS familiarization and instrumentation. For instrumentation, students learn about PID controller tuning and each simulation has an excellent display showing the process response. The design tools used for simulations are recent and show realistic responses that are very close to what would be experienced in a plant DCS. Loop tuning cannot be done with some simulations, but the ProDyn simulations work well.”