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Engineering Software and Consulting services for Oil & Gas, Energy and Chemical industries-Simulation, Design, monitoring, training, planning & scheduling. Drive your Process to Profit!

Ingenious Inc offers integrated software for Engineering design and consulting services to dramatically increase your productivity and profits. Our complimentary suite of software include our own proprietary software, as well as partner company products.

ProRPM—a CLOUD based performance monitoring software that uses leading simulation & modeling tools to enable smarter and faster decisions. ProRPM includes connectors to many 3rd party data sources, a knowledge management and calculation engine, and dashboards for self-service visualization. Discover ProRPM.

ProPlan—A next generation refinery and petrochemical planning software with flowsheet capability, crude assay integration, rapid solution times, powerful non-linear and LP Multistart optimizer, and 30+ preconfigured process models. Costs 40-80% lower than competition. Discover ProPlan.

ProSched—A next generation flow sheet based production scheduling software, integrated with planning software, and covers end to end scheduling needs of process industry including feedstock, operations and dispatch scheduling. Discover ProSched.

ProDyn—dynamic training simulator and ProLearn e-learning software including an extensive library of pre-built models for CLOUD based integrated training and learning. Prepare your company for the next big crew change with rapid knowledge transfer, avoid costly safety incidents, reduce startup time and insurance costs, & improve production efficiency. Discover ProDyn and ProLearn.

Intergraph CADWorx and Analysis Solutions (India only)

Chemstations Process Simulation Suite (India, Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand)

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Alan Isaachsen, Professor, Program Coordinator/Faculty, Houston Community College
"The ProDyn simulations (Powered by the KBC Petro-SIM simulation engine) used at HCC have provided excellent training and experience that is very close to an actual plant.… Details
Mark Johnson, Director of Manufacturing and Technology, Continental Carbon company
"Ingenious Inc implemented their Operational Intelligence software at Continental Carbon (CCC). Continental Carbon is a global Carbon Black manufacture with manufacturing… Details